Discover Dogs 2015

Discover Dogs 2015 was a weekend event for Bramble and myself. We started on Saturday, after waking up at 6AM, we caught the train to Waterloo. After that, we caught a couple of underground tubes to the ExCeL Centre in London. First thing that morning, I groomed Bramble in the Groomer of the Year qualifier.

After two hours of grooming, I helped out on the YKC stand, and Bramble had a bit of a rest (although it was hard with all the paparazzi!)

We met a couple of celebrities, Rula Lenska and Michael of Kent, who I spoke about the YKC with. They seemed very friendly, Bramble even got a kiss on the nose from Rula!

The Grooming presentation was in the afternoon, and Bramble and I won our class, qualifying us for Crufts 2016!

The rest of that day, we explored the venue and met up with some Facebook friends, then headed back to the hotel (after a slight mix up, where we ended up checking into the wrong hotel!)

The next morning we had a slight lie-in, before going back to the show. I worked on the YKC stand again, for a short while, and before long it was time for Bramble's agility competition with Madeline, my sister.

Unfortunately, Bramble was very tired and a little under the weather (we later discovered she had a problem with her ovaries, meaning she had to be spayed the next weekend). Because of this, she wasn't herself and plodded around the course, stopping to check if there was any food available from the spectators! Thankfully, Madeline wasn't put off, and has vowed she will enter again next year!

After a tiring weekend, we got the tubes and train to Southampton, where a coach was waiting to take us back to Bournemouth.

Overall, it was a fantastic weekend, and even though the agility didn't go quite to plan, Yulia (photographer for the Kennel Club) took some awesome photos of it. Bramble is currently recovering from her spay, and should soon be fit enough to compete again, hopefully more successfully!

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