Pooch & Mutt product testing!

Last week, Pooch & Mutt, a trusted and ethical dog food brand, sent Hazel and Bramble a bag of Move Easy food to test. They have been on the food for a week now, and although that isn't long enough to gauge exactly how good it is, we have already noticed some changes. For our first impressions, please follow this link:

Firstly, I noticed that after a couple of days, Hazel and Bramble seemed to be (how do I put this delicately?) pooping more than usual. They weren't poorly, and didn't have diarrhoea or constipation, there was just a lot! I soon realised that it is probably because the Pooch & Mutt food is more densely packed than their normal kibble, so I was giving them too much. Now that I have worked out the ideal portion for them, which is slightly less than recommended, they seem to be nearly back to normal.

In the video, we established that they were crazy for the taste, and that hasn't gone away. Some dogs, understandably, become bored with the same food every day, but this one is tasty enough that they will happily eat it for breakfast and dinner, and I can use it as treats for training throughout the day.

This food in particular was made with older/ active dogs in mind, and we have really put that to the test, as Hazel is 10 years old, very active and has joint problems. Since she has been eating Pooch & Mutt Move Easy, she does appear to be lighter on her feet- at agility classes she ran up the A-frame so fast that she couldn't stop the momentum and came sliding down the other side, which considering she often struggles on this piece of equipment, was encouraging!

Bramble is the type of dog that becomes chubby at the drop of a hat, but she is certainly looking slimmer at the moment, which is fantastic, although only time will tell if she can keep up her new-found beach body! Hazel, on the other hand, has been losing weight left, right and centre recently, (not that it wasn't needed) but now she appears to be at an ideal weight, however she is due a trip to the vets next week, so only that will tell if she has maintained it.

We will report back again next week, to once again review the food- hopefully we will have cracked the poop problem by then, too!

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