About us

We are Crazelpup-  Jodie Forbes, Hazel, Bramble and Tulip, and our mission is to promote dog training for everyone. Regardless of the dog or owner's age, gender, physical ability and despite the perceived limitations of certain breeds.


We believe that every dog has boundless potential and deserves an enriched and exciting life, and we will make it our duty to show owners just how incredible their four-legged companions can be, no matter what stereotypes dictate. 

When I was nine years old I read on a breed-specific website that border terriers were 'untrainable', 'not to be trusted off-lead' and 'highly stubborn'. Nine-year-old me looked at the border terrier puppy in front of her and instead of accepting this as fact, dared to dream that this pup would grow up to be just as highly trained as the most incredible collies or poodles or german shepherds.


Something I am continuously reminded of throughout my involvement in the canine world is that we are only bound by our imagination. If we dream of something and work hard to achieve it, stereotypes shatter and the impossible becomes possible. 

Now, fifteen years later, I have a degree with honours in Animal Sciences, I am a qualified dog trainer with the Dog Training College and Pro Dog Training, I have worked with hundreds of different dog, trained media dogs for brands such as Amazon, Land Rover and Stella McCartney and my border terriers have won eight first places at Crufts in multiple activities from 2011-2020 and performed internationally.


But that is not enough. As long as there is an 'untrainable', 'stubborn' or 'lazy' dog leading an unenriched life because his owners truly believe he is too stupid, old or difficult to train, I will not be content. 

"Work for a cause,

              not for applause"


The gang...

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Jodie Forbes

BSc (Hons)

Jodie is a 24 year old dog trainer with 15 years training experience. She competes in agility, hoopers and freestyle to music, but has also dabbled in breed showing, disc dog, handling, flyball, obedience, scentwork, tracking and mantrailing. 

In 2020 Jodie was awarded the Inspirational Young Person award at Crufts.


Throughout her life, she has worked and volunteered at veterinary surgeries, zoos, kennels, an elephant sanctuary, a dog shelter, groomers, pet shops, a dairy farm, a theme park petting zoo, training dogs for media and she began full-time work as a pet dog trainer and behaviourist in 2019. 

This breadth of experience with a whole variety of animals from goats, pigs and chickens to giraffes, elephants and lemurs has contributed to her knowledge of behaviour and training principles.

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Cerbora Special Fortuna


Mongrubah Bramble Ruby

AW(g) FS St Ex Int Ex

Hazel is a border terrier born in 2006. She has competed in agility, freestyle to music, obedience, handling, breed showing and grooming over the past 15 years, and has appeared in multiple adverts, television shows and advertising campaigns. 

Hazel knows hundreds of tricks and although she is now retired from agility, during her competing years she qualified for the UK Agility Grand Finals, the Kennel Club Starters Cup Finals and the KCI Junior Handling Finals and won into Grade 5.

Although her health and memory isn't what it used to be, she enjoys gentle walks, sniffing out treats, practising the tricks she can still remember and getting lots of fuss and cuddles.


In October 2020, Hazel had a series of intense seizures and it looked like her time here was up, but being the brave girl she is, she managed to fight and with the help of her daily medication, she's still happy- which is all that matters.  

Bramble is Hazel's daughter, born in 2010. She has trained in agility, hoopers, freestyle to music, scentwork, tracking, mantrailing, rally, flyball, obedience, handling, breed showing, disc dog, assistance dog behaviours and like Hazel, has appeared in many TV shows and campaigns. 


She competes in agility at a Grade 7 Championship level and was part of the winning Crufts Small Team in 2018. 

Bramble also has 'Excellent' titles in Starters and Intermediate freestyle to music and has won six 1st places in YKC freestyle at Crufts. 

She loves to learn new and complex tricks and her favourite thing is to run around the agility or hoopers course like a maniac. 

Bramble helps as a stooge dog to help anxious or reactive dogs, as she is fantastic at reading and acting appropriately to other dogs' body language. Bram has also helped rehabilitate multiple people who suffered severe dog phobias and has regularly visited schools to help educate children about dogs.   


Tulip Meadows of Mongrubah

Tulip is a Chinese crested powderpuff cross Pyrenean shepherd. She was born in 2017.

Tulip used to frequently show reactive and anxious behaviours and struggled to control her arousal in certain situations. This lead to her often behaving aggressively towards strangers, dogs and children.

However, with lots of kind, gentle behaviour modification and confidence building work, she is getting so much better. She now chooses to interact with people and the number of people she trusts has hugely grown. She no longer has to be muzzled for vet and physiotherapy visits and sometimes even plays with unknown dogs!

Because of her issues, Tulip has highlighted how important choice is to dogs. She has been taught many training cooperative life skills such as 'opt-in' grooming and husbandry, muzzle and harness conditioning and targeting behaviours such as nose touches and chin rests. 

Although being a complicated girl, Tulip has been able to compete in agility, hoopers and freestyle to music and has done some media work, as well as being trained in scentwork, tracking, mantrailing and obedience.