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Here is a list of behaviours that I have taught my dogs. All of these tricks have been taught through positive reinforcement, using treats or toys as a reward.  

Tricks highlighted in blue are linked to YouTube videos demonstrating how I trained these behaviours. 


Not all of these behaviours are safe for all dogs, so please apply caution if attempting to train. Some of the more physically demanding behaviours have been taught over a series of months to ensure safety. 

Achoo (bring tissue)

Alert to alarm

Arch (bow)

Arm weave

Around (an object)

Back (agility direction)

Back stall

Walk Backwards... straight line (see Reverse)

Walk Backwards... up stairs

Walk Backwards (reverse circle an object see Rev and Backround)

Backround (walk backwards clockwise)

Balance treat on nose

Bang! (play dead/ trust fall)

Bark (see Speak)


Bite It

Bow (see Arch)

Boy (leg cock)

Box games (shaping)

Buddies (one between the front paws of another dog)

Carry objects

Catch an object

Chair (weave chair legs)

Check (clockwise wing wrap)

Circle (anti-clockwise around object)

Clear up (objects)

Clean the floor (with cloth)

Cloves (scentwork target scent)

Come... to caller

Come By

Count fingers



Crawl (see Shuffle)

Cross paws (other side see Switch)





Ding (ring bell)


Do something (free-shaping)


Embrace (two dogs wrap paws around and nose-target each other)

Fancy walking


Find it (search for hidden objects)

Flat (variation of 'lay down')

Fleas (scratch)

Flip (swimmer's turn off person/ object)

Foose (walk following upturned hand)

Foot (cop-cop)

Foot Stall

Foot target (with paw)

Frame (A-frame)

Friends (one dog places paws on other dog's face)

Get it (pick up object in mouth)

Get ___'s tail

Go (move forwards away from handler)

Go Go Go! (run forwards)

Go Play 


Head Down

Half (turn away from handler)

Handstand (see Trick)


Help with laundry

Hide (paws up, hide face)

High five (single paw target)

High ten (double paw target)

Hold it (in mouth)



Hugs (wrap paws around arm/leg)

Hugs (wrap paws around another dog)

Hugs (hold object in paws whilst begging)

In (sit from recall)

In my room (to Jodie's room from anywhere in the house)

In there (go into signalled area)

In your bed

Jump... into air

Jump... skipping rope

Jump... over arms/ legs

Jump... over hurdle 

Jump... into arms


Klimb (stay on raised boundary)

Leap into arms (from a distance)

Leave it (disengage from distractions)

Left (turn)

Leg weave

Leg stall

Lick (another dog's face)

Limp (front leg lift whilst walking)

Mat (lay down and remain on mat)

Nicely (loose lead walking)

Night Night (settle)

Nose... in muzzle

Nose... pressed against window

Nose target 

Okay (release cue)

On There (raised platform)

On Your Back

Open... a door

Open... curtains

Ostrich (hide head under body)

Out (agility direction)

Over (roll over to the right)

Paint... paw painting

Paint... with paintbrush

Pause (agility 2o2o cue)


Paws up  

Peek... through hole

Play piano

Pop (jump and grab toy marker)

Put toys away

Put clothes in washing machine


Rev (walk backwards anti-clockwise)

Retrieve a newspaper

Right (turn)

Ring a bell... (see Ding)

Roll (roll over to the left)

Roll in blanket

Round... a person

Run (running dogwalk contacts)

Say 'Hello'

Say ''Bramble"

Say "Elephant"


Scratch... a person

Scratch... a target 

See-Saw (agility)

Shake (whole body)

Shuffle (crawl)

Shut it... cupboard

Shut the door


Slowly (slow down pace)

Side (front and rear left paws raised)


Speak (bark)

Spin (on hind legs)

Squeak (toy)


Stop (freeze)

Stop Get Down (Emergency Stop)

Stomp (paw target whilst laying down)

Strike (grab toy marker)

Swap (change to new handler)

Switch (cross over paws)

Take off socks

Take off jacket

Tall (stand up on hind legs)

Tall, Reverse (walk backwards whilst stood up)

Tall, Come (walk forwards whilst stood up)

Target... with nose (see Touch)

Target... with paw (see Paw)

Tied up (hold rope and encircle handler)


This (threadle)

Threes (all three dogs performing different simultaneous behaviours)

Trick (handstand)

Tug (a toy)

Tunnel (agility)

Turn (paws on object, back feet move around)

Twist (clockwise turn)

Twizzle (anti-clockwise turn)

Two-Two (front and rear paws on handler's feet)

Under... between legs

Under + movement (dynamic middle)

Under-under... under other dog between legs

Vault ((see Flip)

Walk (dogwalk)

Watch (eye-track a marker)

Wave (high-raised paw)

Weaves (agility)

Wee-wee (toilet command)

What do we do? (sit at roadside)

Wing (backside slice)

Wing + wrap/ check (backside wrap)

Wipe (dig on doormat)

Wrap (anti-clockwise wing wrap)


Yes (food marker)

List of Tricks

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