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Hoopers is a new and progressive sport that is very similar to agility, but more inclusive, lower-impact and designed for distance handling, making it ideal for older dogs, puppies and handlers who might struggle with the activity aspect of agility. Jodie is a qualified hoopers instructor and competitor, and all of her dogs take part in the activity.

Hoopers classes take place at Hamworthy Club at Canford Magna, BH21 3AP, on Friday evenings. They cost £80 for six weeks and classes are rolling.

Hoopers classes tend to have a waiting list, so if you are interested, please email to be added to the list! 

6 week course 



Q. What is Hoopers? 

A. Hoopers is a dog sport consisting of hoops, short 80cm diameter tunnels and barrels. It is judged on speed, accuracy and distance handling. 

Q. Is there an age limit?

A. No, not for dogs or owners! My 15 week old pup and my 15 year old dog both do hoopers, only their courses are adjusted based on their ability. Similarly, for less-mobile or older handlers, we can adjust the way we train for maximum success! 

Q. Is there progression?

A. Yes, there are many hoopers competitions around the country, and Crazelpup Competition Club members will travel to shows together. Jodie is also a qualified Canine Hoopers World instructor, meaning she is able to award CHW Progression Awards.  


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