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Terms and Conditions

When signing up to any activity run by or associated with Crazelpup, you agree to complying to the following terms and conditions. Non-compliance may result in discontinuation of training without a refund. 

General T&Cs:

  • All classes including rolling must be paid for in advance via BACS, Cheques made out to Jodie Forbes, or cash. BACS is preferable. 

  • Payments are non-refundable, unfortunately. ​​

  • If you book onto classes and they are officially cancelled due to weather or personal reasons, other classes will be put on as substitutions for the ones missed. If classes are missed by students, they shall not be substituted or refunded. If informed at least three days in advance, students may be able to be put into another class for the missed session, but that is not guaranteed.  

  • You must not book dangerous dog on to any Crazelpup or associated activity without informing the trainers or helpers beforehand, so they can set necessary precautions in place. ​

  • Dogs must be under control at all times. When not training, dogs must either be in a car, in a crate or on-lead near their handler. Please do not let your dog off-lead until directed by a trainer or helper. ​

  • Dog poo must be picked up immediately and disposed of in one of the many bins at the venue. 

  • It is the owner/ handler's responsibility to bring food, poo bags and water for their dogs.

    • If your dog has any food allergies, please inform trainers or helpers beforehand so we do not give them anything that could result in them being unwell.  ​

  • Crazelpup is fully insured, however, owners/ handlers remain responsible for their own dogs at all times, and are advised to have pet insurance covering their dog in the unlikely event of or an incident to occur to them or a third party.​

  • Although trainers strive to run all classes as planned, sometimes due to weather, venue issues or illness we are put in a position where we cannot run as planned. In these circumstances we will contact students via email . We aim to inform clients at least one hour in advance, however this may not always be possible in all circumstances. We advise that students check emails before leaving to attend dog training, especially if the weather is bad or extremely warm. 

  • Crazelpup reserves the right to take photos, videos and audio content of dogs in any activity or associated activity. By agreeing to the terms and conditions you agree that you (or the handler of your dog), your dog and anybody who attends the session with you are able to be used for marketing purposes in promotional content. 

COVID-19 Specific T&Cs:

  • If any student, household member or person a student has been in contact with presents symptoms of COVID-19, they are unfortunately not permitted to attend any Crazelpup activity for two weeks. If you have been informed by Track and Trace to isolate, you cannot attend any Crazelpup activity. 

  • As a recommendation, students should use hand sanitiser and pet-safe disinfectant to thoroughly clean equipment that has have been handled by a non-household member during any Crazelpup activity. It is also recommended that a mask should be brought to every class. 

  • If we placed into another lockdown during the course of a 1-2-1 package or a block of classes, the following options are available:

    • Complete the block of classes/1-2-1 consults over Zoom.

    • Upon lockdown ending, continuing as before. In the event you have booked onto classes that fellow classmates redeemed online, your classes will be replaced by two half an hour 1-2-1 slots at a time convenient to you.

The Hamworthy Club-Specific T&Cs:

  • Under no circumstances are dogs or handlers are permitted on the cricket square at the centre of the Hamworthy Club grounds.

  • No dogs or handlers are permitted to enter the motorbike training area when the barrier is pulled across. If the barrier is not there and motorcyclists are dismounted, you can access this area. There is a specific access route to the right hand side of the motorbike area that is fenced off, which you can access the field by if the barrier is across. 

  • No dogs or handlers are permitted to walk on the golf course.

  • Please do not block any access to disabled parking spaces and keep close control of your dog when in the car park. Keep the time your dog is out of the car in the car park as brief as possible to maintain safety. 

  • If there is archery taking place on the field, please abide by the safety warnings which should be signposted. 

  • If entering the grounds through the green padlocked gate, ensure it is always closed and bolted afterwards.

  • Do not allow your dog to interact with any people or dogs that are at the venue unless directed by the trainer or helper.

  • Always pick up dog poo and dispose of it in the bins around the venue. 

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