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Trick training is a fundamental part of Crazelpup, and it is our belief that everything we do with our dogs is founded on tricks. Jodie has successfully taught roughly three hundred separate tricks to her dogs, many of which contribute to agility, hoopers and dog dancing training. Trick training is fun and inclusive- anyone can do it and you don't need any specialist equipment, plus tricks can be adapted to suit dogs of all ages and abilities.   

Trick training is just the best fun, and the possibilities are endless! It is truly remarkable seeing dogs constantly exceeding their owners' expectations when they learn new tricks. 

Trick training is a great way of bonding with your dog, keeping them fit and improving body awareness to help reduce the chance of injury, keeping them mentally stimulated, which can keep behaviour problems and canine dementia at bay, and enriching your dog's life!

Trick training classes take place at Kinson Manor Playing Fields at 5-6pm on Wednesday evenings. Drop an email to to join in! Because of the nature of the class, with everybody working at once, it is uncapped, meaning as many dogs as possible can join in!

The progression from trick training classes is pretty endless! Many students have gone onto other sports, with tricks being a great foundation, some have competed in dog dancing, plenty of my students have done trick displays as part of the Crazelpup Display Team at various events, some have collected their UK Trick Dog Titles and others have won awards in the 'best trick' category at dog shows. 


6 week course 



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