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Crazelpup Display Team

Jodie Forbes has been providing dog training displays for events since 2010, and has worked for events including Crufts, Discover Dogs, The National Pet Show and Dogstival. These displays have included educational talks, demonstrations of tricks, dog dancing, agility and hoopers, have-a-go events and presenting, judging and running dog shows. 

As of 2021, Crazelpup students have been joining the display team, and have travelled around the south of England to take part. If you are interested in being part of the trick, life skills, agility or hoopers display team, please get in touch!

To hire the Crazelpup Display Team for your event, please contact for rates. 

Below are some recent displays and highlights.


Crufts 2022

At Crufts 2022, Bramble and Willow ran displays and meets and greets for Natures Menu and Natures Variety dog food brands. 

Dogstival 2022

Dogstival 2022 was at a larger venue, where a big group of Crazelpup students participated in agility, hoopers, trick and dog dancing demos. Additionally, Jodie ran solo training displays and presented and judged the dog show at the two-day event.


Dogstival 2021

In 2021, Jodie ran the activities ring at Dogstival, with Life Skills and trick training demonstrations, as well as presenting and judging the companion dog show. 

IMG_6678 2.JPG
IMG_6685 2.JPG

Discover Dogs (various 2010-2019)

Since the age of thirteen, Jodie has performed various displays at Discover Dogs in London. These have consisted of trick training, dog dancing, disc dog, nosework, agility and film work demos.  


Bark in the Park 2022

Jodie and the team ran a trick training demo, have-a-go hoopers, conducted an interview with the landowner and ran the companion dog show.

Harmans Cross Show 2022

This one-day show consisted of have-a-go hoopers, multiple trick displays and Crazelpup students demoing hoopers and trick training. 

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