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Life Skills

6 week course 


In Crazelpup Life Skills Classes, you learn how to bring out the absolute best in your dog.  Life Skills aren't just about obedience, they are here to prepare you and your dog for what life throws at you! 


The six-week syllabus is flexible based on the dogs in the class, and can cover everything from loose lead walking, recall, settling and engagement to cooperative grooming, muzzle training and trick training. 


The classes also prepare new and experienced owners for a life of dog ownership- covering behaviour and body language, breed specific facts and a whole array of extra knowledge about grooming, nutrition and canine fitness along the way. 


What's more, these classes are fun! Students always have a laugh and get to know each other. Community is at the heart of Crazelpup and these classes strive to support one another and enjoy ourselves.


Dog training is a family event, so we encourage you to bring your partners or children along to join in- the more the merrier! I attended dog training classes with my first puppy when I was nine years old became hooked!