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Are you interested in booking us for an event?

We have done double-dog dancing, freestyle to music, trick and disc displays around the country at small charity dog shows to huge national events, and we love putting on a good show! Our unique tricks and fun routines are always guarenteed to draw in the crowds, and our displays can be specifically tailored to the type of audience or show. 


Not only do our displays aim to entertain the public, they also show the power of force-free dog training, and prove that even breeds that are thought of as 'untrainable' can learn to do amazing things with a little extra love and understanding. Promoting responsible ownership and trying to encourage young people to get involved with dog training is also a strong theme of ours. 


We do charge a small fee for non-charity events, however if all profits are going to charity we only ask for our expenses to be covered.  


If you are interested in booking us, or have any questions, drop us an email below!


~Jodie, Hazel and Bramble 


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