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Disc Dog

Disc is a sport that is common in USA, but here in the UK it is still developing. Despite this, a group of dedicated individuals are pioneering to gain popularity for the sport, by setting up the UK Disc Dog Association (UKDDA), doing demonstrations, training workshops and organising specialist disc dog shows.


Although Hazel, Bramble and I are new to the sport, only having started training in Autumn 2016, we have demontrated disc in the Young Kennel Club ring at Discover Dogs and came 3rd in More Than's Bark in the Park frisbee catching competition. We were also asked to be the Junior Representitive for the UKDDA, which we gratefully accepted. 


"UKDDA was constructed to promote, engage and develop Disc Dog as a dog activity in the UK in a safe, fun and supportive way for all Involved partnerships"

~UKDDA Facebook Page


Disc is pretty simple, the aim is for the dog to catch the frisbee, however it can be made more exciting by adding in leaps, flips and vaults. To do all of the moves, a dog needs to be in top condition and very fit, however dogs of all ages, shapes and sized can have a go at a less extreme level. Hazel is ten and has joint problems, yet she still loves chasing and retrieving the disc. Not all dogs are toy-motivated, but that shouldn't be a major issue- Bramble had no interest in frisbees at first, but through positive reinforcement and shaping, where I rewarded her for showing attention to the disc, she has developed a love for the sport.

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