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Fido Sr., Fido Jr., Fido III- same name, different pet













We all know people do it, and comical as it may seem, what are the reasons behind naming pets with the originality of the English monarchy? Is it just easier to remember, is it a lack of imagination, or is there something else compelling owners to give successive pets the same name?

It seems, especially among the opinions of more old-fashioned dog owners, that there is nothing wrong with re-using a pet name- I know an elderly couple who currently own their fifth Bulldog called Digby- however, those with a more modern outlook on dog-owning generally appear to be against, and some were even shocked at, the idea of recycling their dog's name. Of course, what a person names their pet is, ultimately, their decision, but below are some of the opinions of pet owners. Readers are invited to leave their own views below.


"What is your opinon on giving more than one pet the same name?"



"I prefer to name related animals on a theme than the exact same name but I like paying homage to their ancestors."


"I have a dog who was rehome from a very old couple, they started by calling him something but he ended up with the same name as their previous dog because they kept fogetting!"


"the dog doesn't know it has the same name as the one before. It is nice to keep names in the family, just as some people are named after their parents or grandparents"


"I don't see anything wrong with it, some people really like a name"


"it's weird if they all live together, if not it's OK"


"Call me anything, but don't call me late for dinner..."


On the fence:

"My mother in law had always called her successive Sealyhams Butch. Seems odd to me but then some people call their children after themselves and we had family friends called Big Zena and Little Zena and Big Ken and Little Ken. Each to their own I suppose but I would never call a dog by a previous dog's name."


"I think of it more as paying tribute than replacing them. I still haven't run out of names I like!"



"Can't even imagine..... Bit like Dog 1, Dog 2 etc. Very impersonal!"


"I don't think it's necessary to give multiple pets the same name. In my opinion, you choose a name to suit the animal,it is highly unlikely every pet you have, is going to have the exact same personality, even if you had your pet cloned.Also, I think it's fun trying to find a new name to suit the pet"


"My aunt had a succession of Cairn Terriers all called Cookie!! I could never give my dogs the came name - they are all individuals and I think they deserve their own names!!!"


"Small animals like rodents and fish yes because it's more difficult perhaps to be creative in regards to characteristics but I wouldn't name a dog or cat the same as previous ones because they are more like a family member and are more prominent. It would be odd to me"


"I once did an interview with.... a celebrity.... who always had the same breed (only one at a time) and called them all the same name. When I interviewed him he was on number 9.... I found it a bit creepy!"


"it's outrageous"

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