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Modeling Portfolio

Hazel and Bramble are happy to sit still for photographs (as long as there's food involved!)


They are good with other dogs and most animals, as well as being gentle with people.


With a repertoire of over 200 tricks, the girls can 'pose' for photographs, with the images still looking natural. Spontaneous photographs also look great and always tend to capture their cheeky and adventurous personalities.  


Dependent on the time of year, Hazel and Bramble could have long, scruffy coats or smart and short coats, however if a specific type of coat is needed I could leave it to grow to the correct length or groom their coats so they would be shorter.


If you are interested in employing Hazel and Bramble please leave us a message with the subject title 'Modelling'. If you wish to use any of the photographs on this page, please leave a message with the subject title, 'Images'.   





Acting Portfolio

Hazel and Bramble can both work at a distance of 2+ metres and can work for other people besides myself. They are keen, focussed and motivated, and their 'acting' is very convincing.

To see the commands they can execute, take a look at the page 'List of Tricks'.


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Posed Photographs

Candid Photographs

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