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Product testing

We have been fortunate enough to test products for many fantastic companies, here are some of our favourites...

Natures Menu treats

These treats are fantastic for dog training, since they can be broken into smaller pieces easily without crumbling. They are composed almost entirely of meat and smell great- the dogs go mad for them! The only problem is, the dogs love them so much that I am always having to buy more!


Fish4Dogs treats, food and salmon oil

We were well and truly spoiled for choice with the selection of food Fish4Dogs sent us, and it was all wolfed down eagerly by Hazel and Bramble. Their favourites, however, were the freeze dried treats, which we used for agility training. Since the treats weren't too big, it meant that the girld could have a long training session before becoming too full up. The salmon oil has great health benefits and I add it to their food daily to help support their joints and keep their coat shiny.

Hurtta harness

These harnesses from Hurtta have been designed purely with comfort in mind, as they are padded and have an extra piece of material to prevent the buckle from rubbing. The minimalistic design means that the harness does not interfere with mobility, and the handle on the back is useful should you have to hoist your dog out of harm's way.

Pooch & Mutt treats

These new Pooch & Mutt treats were an instant hit with the girls, who couldn't get enough of them. Perfect for a night-time snack or as a tasty tidbit, these treats are a great choice for fussy pooches.

Hurtta lead

Hazel and Bramble have more than thirty leads between them, but their Hurtta ones are the favourites. The lead is longer than average, meaning the dogs have more distance to roam should they need to stay on their lead, and there are handles closer to the dog to make the lead shorter for better control. The handle is padded so that it is comfortable to hold and the colours are very stylish. The leads can also be used as a seat-belt to keep the dogs safe in the car.

iFetch and iFetch Too

iFetches are like buses, you wait ages for one and then two come along at once! This summer, thanks to a very generous friend and the iFetch company, we were lucky enough to get an iFetch and an iFetch Too. Both are excellent in their own way, and the dogs go mad for them. The iFetch is best for indoor play (with minimal damage!) and the iFetch Too is perfect for hours of fun outside, as it has a very powerful throw.

Chuckit balls

Hazel is ball obsessed, but endless chewing on tennis balls has worn her teeth down. Chuckit balls, unlike tennis balls, are rubbery and do not cause so much friction, meaning that Hazel can play for as long as she wants without worrying about her teeth. Chuckit balls come in many varieties, from squeaky to glow in the dark, and with various sizes there's one for every dog!

PitPat activity monitor

The PitPat is an ingenious piece of technology that registers the amount of exercise your dog does each day and sends the data to your phone. With daily targets and goal streaks, it makes walking your dog even more fun, and exciting new developments soon to be unleashed will make the PitPat an even more fantastic product for every dog owner!

DogStreamZ collar

DogStreamZ collars were created to keep dogs as fit as possible, using magnetic technology to support dogs' joints, digestion and general wellbeing. Since wearing their collars, we have seen a significant reduction in Hazel's lameness, and the consensus from everyone I have spoken to who have used the collars on their dogs has been only positive. If your dog is elderly, has mobility issues, is recovering from surgery or you just want to keep them as healthy as possible, this is the collar for you!

Crufts shop apron and tea-towel

The Crufts shop border terrier apron and tea-towel are beautiful and stylish products that will add to every kitchen. To see a full review of the products, please see our Dog Blog

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